Our eco nappies have 3 times the absorbency of other eco nappies! - OK&CO.

Our eco nappies have 3 times the absorbency of other eco nappies!

Great news for parents, carers + our planet!! OK&CO. luxe eco nappies are now three times as absorbent as other brands' nappies, thanks to the increased amount of FSC-certified wood pulp in the core of our nappies. Ultimately this means you won't need to buy as many nappies - that makes us happy. I mean, we love it when you buy our nappies, but we don't want to be wasteful and excessive + we always want to do good to our planet.

We've increased the amount of FSC-certified wood pulp in the core of our nappies to increase absorbability, softness, sustainability + how long a nappy lasts between changes. Ultimately less nappy changes means less nappies which is always better for our planet. 

Our FSC-certified wood pulp is sustainably sourced from forests that are managed in an environmentally-friendly + socially responsible manner. This helps to ensure that the forests are not over-harvested + that the wood pulp used in the nappies is of the highest quality + free of any contaminants. FSC-certified wood pulp also helps to reduce the environmental impact of disposable nappies, as it is fully biodegradable + can be easily recycled.

If you have any questions about that, please let us know.

Yours in eco consciousness. 

Team OK&CO. 

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